America's Top 20 Bank Holding Companies

Citizens Financial Group, Inc

Previously in the top 20, Taunus Corporation dropped out of the FFIEC's list of top 50 US Bank Holding Companies in their March 31, 2012 update.

The corporation started in 1828 with a single facility known as High Street Bank. Citizens Trust Company, the original parent company, was formed after the establishment of Citizens Savings Bank in 1871. Citizens Trust Company started the bank's expansion with 29 additional locations across Rhode Island. In 1954, Citizens Trust Company acquired The Greenville Trust Company and became Citizens Financial Group. In the years that have passed, Citizens Financial Group has spread to over 12 states with 1,500 branch locations.

Owned by Royal Bank of Scotland since 1988, the company's headquarters is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is well-known for its world-class arts district and culinary vibe. The culinary scene in Providence is cutting edge and fiercely competitive, bringing the best of the area to restaurant patrons across the city.

Boston, Massachusetts is home to another corporate office location for Citizens Financial Group, the corporate location for the Massachusetts branches. Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts and the unofficial capital of New England. A city rich in history dating back to the Puritans, Boston offers arts, food and culture. The constant draw of tourism and residents alike makes Boston a popular and successful location for many businesses.

Albany, New York also contains a Citizens Financial Group corporate office. Albany is the capital city of New York and the central point of the Capital District. Positioned among the cities of Schenectady, Troy and Saratoga Springs, Albany is a hot spot for business and tourism alike. There are 60 public parks, theater districts and neighborhoods that rival the culture of New York City. With a population over 850,000 in the metropolitan area as of 2009, that is a wide customer base and potential employee market for any business.

Pennsylvania is home to two corporate offices. The two largest cities in the state, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, house offices for the company. Near the mecca of Washington, DC, Philadelphia provides a connection to the nation's capital for a company that has room to expand throughout the country. Pittsburgh houses a large industrial market, which offers corporate and manufacturing accounts, funding and stability for the company's long-term growth.