America's Top 20 Bank Holding Companies

Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation - popularly known as BNY Mellon - is ranked number ten of the Top 50 Bank Holding Companies by the National Information Center of the United States Federal Reserve System. The corporation page on lists its "market value of assets under custody and administration at the period-end" as $300,197,000. The present corporation was formed when the Bank of New York merged with Mellon Financial Corporation in July of 2007.

History of The Bank of New York

The Bank of New York was first formed by Alexander Hamilton in 1784. It had capital of two million by 1852. It survived the Great Depression and became an international bank by opening an office in London in 1966. During that time, it had merged with New York Life Insurance and later with the Empire Trust Company. In 1969 it created the bank's holding company that was instrumental in the expansion of the company.

History of Mellon Financial Corporation

The Mellon Financial Corporation was originally formed as T. Mellon & Son's Bank by Thomas Mellon and his two sons, Andrew and Richard. Changing its name in 1902, it became Mellon National Bank. Gulf Oil was one of their more successful investments. Going from Mellon National Bank to Mellon National Bank and Trust Company to Mellon Bank, N.A. and later to Mellon Bank Corporation, it became Mellon Financial Corporation in 2004. From 1920, Andrew Mellon served as the U.S. Treasury Secretary under three administrations. Up until the merger with The Bank of New York, it had purchased or merged with many banks over several states.

The Merger of the Two Corporations

The merger took place in July of 2007 making the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation a world leader in asset serving. By that time, both corporations had shed their retail banking divisions. The book value per common share was declared by the bank in its wrap-up of 2011 to be $27.92. It trades on the NYSE - symbol BK - for around $21 presently.

The corporation has operations in Australia, India, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Italia, the Middle East, Italy, the Netherlands, China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Korea, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

Corporate Headquarters

BNY Mellon has its main headquarters at One Wall Street, New York, NY 10286. Other corporate locations include:

District of Columbia
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Wealth Management Office
1250 H Street NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.
The Financial Center
505 N. 20th Street
9th Floor
Suite 950
Birmingham, AL 35203

BNY Mellon
Buenos Aires Representative Office
25 de Mayo 195
6th Floor
1002 Buenos Aires

BNY Trust Company of Canada
Bow Valley Square 4
250-6th Avenue S.W.
Suite 310
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3H7

BNY Mellon Asset Management International Limited
Swiss Representative Office
Talacker 29
CH-8001 Zurich

The Presence of This Corporation

The influence of this bank is recognized worldwide. Having a market in many of the emerging countries has made it attractive to many countries across the globe. Its history points to stability and the talent to endure when financial markets are in jeopardy. Communities are sensitive to the reputation of the banks that are invited to build in their communities and having a stable history dating back to the late 1700s is key to their acceptance in so many locations.